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Lloyd and Betsy

We had an inspiring visit for 3 days with our good friends, Lloyd Feinberg and Betsy Marcotte. Dan first met Lloyd in the 90s when they worked together on refugee children affairs in central Africa. Lloyd and Betsy have relentless energy. They are avid world travelers and always deeply interested in the world and the people in it. They rode their bikes across the country over a decade ago and Dan met them on the Oregon coast at the end of their journey. They are retired now (but involved in politics, yoga, chamber music, sailing and ship building) and living in a beautiful home in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. It was great to spend time with them and be inspired. While we were there, Lloyd took us to the Wickford Shipyard where he has been apprenticing with master shipbuilders George and Dominic Zachhorne. The Zachnornes (and now Lloyd) build and restore classic sailing vessels. It was a treat to visit them and hear about the art of shipbuilding.

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