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We had a great time in Iceland. We rented a campervan and circled the country for 8 days and nights. It is a magical country of unbelievable geological features. We camped near thundering waterfalls, explored a glacier lagoon with floating icebergs, and soaked in many geothermal baths. We road Icelandic horses and went whale watching and saw the northern lights. We even picked up some fun French hitchhikers dressed in penguin and kangaroo costumes.

We circled the country starting in Reykjavik and headed north and inland to Pingveil and then up to the Troll Peninsula staying a night in one of the small fishing villages on the fjords called Olafsfjurder (crossing a high mountain gravel road that we later learned was off limits for our vehicle). Then we went through Akerury to Mytvan and camped near the lava fields and steam vents. Then went down the wild east coast and visited the glacial bays and national parks in the south. We whale watched, hiked, took a glacial bay cruise, rode horses and saw so many waterfalls that the girls were sick of them. And, yes, we did see the northern lights one night. They were faint but beautiful.

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