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"On the Street" by Jane

When we were in India, a lot of time we were on the street. When we walked on the streets, we saw many interesting things. First, there were many retired cows roaming freely all over the streets. It was very hard to walk on the street without seeing a cow!

We also saw millions of women wearing astonishing colors, form dark purple to bright yellow. There are many camels on the streets being lead by little boys!

When there is a festival going on, everybody dresses up their camels in festive colors. There are not many elephants on the streets but the few that are usually have painted faces.

When you are walking up the streets, you have to be careful because there are millions of tuk-tuks and motorbikes.

We rode tuk-tuks a couple of times and it is not relaxing! There are motorbikes and tuk- tuks honking, cows crossing the streets, and a tuk-tuk can be very bumpy.

If you look up from the streets, you can also sometimes see monkeys on the buildings! The streets of India are loud and busy, but amazing!

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