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Wisconsin - A visit to our roots

Uncle Jerry at the wheel

This is a post is out of order as we try to catch up on some of our previous adventures. In July, when we were touring the USA, we visited southern Wisconsin. To be specific, we spent several days in Rock County in and near the town of Edgerton. This is where my mother, Dolores (Fox) Curran, grew up on the Fox family farm on Fox Road. We spent many summers there when I was a boy. My mother was one of seven brothers and sisters so we had a lot of cousins to play with (28 I think). I have not been back to the farm or seen my cousins in many years.

My mother and her sister-in-law, Joan Fox, organized a great reunion. We spent a wonderful day in Edgerton catching up with cousins and their children. My brother and his family were there from North Carolina as were the Nittler cousins from Colorado and Atlanta. The next day, we visited the family farm, where the whole farm Fox clan showed great patience in showing us around the property.

The farm is one of the prettiest family farms in America. Sue got out the tractor and let our kids drive it. Uncle Jerry hitched up a hay wagon and took us all down to the 40-acre Fox woods which were part of the early homestead act in the area. Janet showed us all of the canned vegetables she grows and stores each year.

A lot of memories were shared by multiple generations.

My mother was very happy to share her stories of growing up on the farm with her four granddaughters.

On another day, we returned to visit the cabin on Lake Koshkonong where my family stayed during summer visits in the 1970s.

We spent an evening watching baseball and seeing the fireworks with extended family in a park in Edgerton.

After traveling much of the country, we thought that Edgerton is one of the most beautiful small towns in America and we loved the rolling hills and rivers and farms of Southern Wisconsin.

It was a treat for Jane and Maggie to connect with so much family and understand where they came from before setting out to see the lives of others in the world.

Our cabin where we stayed on the Rock River just outside of Edgerton.

The Cousins! Is there any doubt I am related?!

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