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New York Brooklyn Adventure

We had a short visit to New York with the main purpose to visit the Statue of Liberty. This was a wish by Maggie who repeatedly requested to see the statue on our travels. Her nature-loving father kept saying, "Oh Maggie, we don't go anywhere near there." Luckily, she was persistent. We had a great visit, staying in Brooklyn at the AirBNB of our good friends, Robin and Bob and their twin infants. We had our own place on the top floor. The girls learned the subway (let's hear it for the A/C express trains which take you right into Manhattan); we walked the Brooklyn Bridge; shopped and visited the statue. It is very powerful in its symbolism and, though we fall short often, a great reminder of the freedom and equality we seek to foster as a nation. It was nice to see before we embark on our world journey.

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