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Costa Rica - Tortuguero and the Caribbean

We visited the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in two locations for 10 days. Our first stay was in the tranquil town of Tortuguero next to the massive Tortuguero National Park, known for its abundant rain forest wildlife and miles of beaches where migrating sea turtles lay their eggs. The town was a pleasant surprise. It can only be reached by boat via a long and winding river. It has no cars and the people are very friendly.

We enjoyed staying in the town for several days and fell into the Caribbean rhythm of the days - active mornings and slow afternoons. Even though the major purpose of the town now is to support the eco-tourism, the people were relaxed and mostly allowed us to be (no heavy touts selling tours, etc.) We were awakened one morning at 5 AM to loud drums as the school children of the town paraded announcing the day of Costa Rican Independence. That evening we watched another parade as all of the children of the country made lanterns and marched in their village and city.

We were for the amazing rainforest and the sea turtles. We went on a three-hour morning boat trip through the river tributaries and saw monkeys, macaws, parrots, tucans, caymen, and countless other animals. In the night, we made trips to the beach and saw mother sea turtles lay their eggs and we followed them back to the sea. And one magical morning we watched and helped a few baby sea turtles get to the sea and avoid the many dangers that await them (vultures, crabs, seagulls, dogs, raccoons). We all decided it is tough to be a baby sea turtle.

We drove many miles over a gravel road to a small spot along the river to meet our boat to Tortuguero.

....And many miles on a twisting river as the sun was setting.

A few images of the town

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