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Cuenca, Ecuador

We all loved our time in Cuenca, a city in the south of Ecuador. We did not plan to go there, but were encouraged to go by Dan's work colleague, Durban Ripley, who studied there in College. It is a beautiful and historic city surrounded by mountains. Easy to get around and filled with friendly people. We rented a great apartment with views of the central square and churches and we had a 5-minute family walk every morning to our language school, where we took classes for a week. We had good teachers in the morning and explored the city in the afternoon. We especially loved the parks and the playgrounds and the fruit and vegetable market. While we were there, we had three nights of fireworks from different churches and two parades honoring various saints. We even had an evening together with Durban's former host mother. We were able to communicate with her in Spanish.

Our AirBNB hosts were great as well and even gave us a ride to the airport on our departure day.

A great week of fun and learning together as a family.


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