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World Learning

A number of people have asked us what it is like teaching on the road. It has had its challenges - finding the time and lugging books and papers. But, for the most part, it has been fun. Jane and Maggie are eager learners. The staff and teachers at Wilder Elementary have bent over backwards (everyone!) to provide us with materials and pointers. School consists of learning through experience (The Oregon Trail, following the Lewis and Clark expedition, visit to the Plymouth Colony, visits to Viking museums and sites in Iceland, volcanoes everywhere, Sea Turtle experience, two Spanish schools, Penguins in Chile); and math, maps, and writing seated work. We keep up with the school to make sure they are in line with the work of their classmates. And, the most fun part, has been seeing the girls learn in real time. But, we have profound respect for the profession of teaching and the skills of good teachers. More than a few times, I (Dan) say, "I don't know why it is, it just IS!" Probably not the most effective teaching skill. Also, it is not easy to be the parent and the teacher. We have both been heard to say to one of the girls, "Really, would you talk to your teachers this way..."

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