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We already wrote about our Spanish school in Cuenca, Ecuador and our visits to Cotopaxi and to Mindo in Ecuador. But here are a few other things we did and really enjoyed in that wonderful country.

We visited the equator which they make a big deal of in Ecuador, with a center and a museum dedicated to it. We later passed the equator in Kenya and they just put up a small road sign. Anyway, it was a good change for the girls to learn about latitude and longitude.

We also visited the town and region of Banos which lies in the steep escarpment from the Andes to the Amazon basin. There we did some hiking and visited some great waterfalls with other-worldly views. It is a transition zone like none other in the world - going from volcanoes and snow to jungles and river.

And we made a lot of friends at local parks and markets.

And we hired a wonderful driver, Pablo, who spoke very little English so gave us an opportunity to practice our Spanish as well as kept us safe throughout. We loved Pablo!

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