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Impressions of India - By Maggie

My family and I went to India for 9 days and we saw lots of cool things like big nice cows in the road, colorful camels with bells and beautiful fabrics and little boys leading them on the street. We also saw on the street big oxen pulling carts that had colorful horns.

We also saw beautiful colorful shimmery-like-the-sun saris, and beautiful awesome shopping! There were lots of ancient cool holy temples and forts.

India also had lots of cool things about it like the people play loud music that you cannot stop dancing to all day and all night nonstop. The cows are very sacred and if you kill one it is against the law.

India has lots of busy streets but there are not many cars. There are mostly motorbikes and tuk-tuks. There are lots of parties and weddings. Every day is a celebration. India was a lovely place and it was cool to see how people lived there.

We also went to a hotel and I found a four-leaf clover! There was a tiny Ganesh temple there so I gave the four leaf clover to Ganesh and rang the bell!

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