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Patagonia - yes

We made our way to the northern frontier of Patagonia and spent several nights in this Idyllic cabin. It was located at the base of the Cochamo Valley near the mouth of the Piedra River and the start of the La Junta trail, a 30-mile trail that takes hikers and climbers into the "Yosemite Valley" of southern Chile. The river flows into the fjords that eventually flow into the Pacific Ocean not too far away but behind several snowy mountain ranges. On the water's edge stands the small town of Cochamo with it's famous wooden church.

One of our goals of this journey was to get to out-of-the way places that are not easily accessible when time is a constraint. Another was to find nice cabins. This experience met both of those goals. The family that rented us the cabin was a wonderful ranching family very proud of their land and country. We had our own horse who grazed around the cabin. We hiked and explored the region in the early Spring chill (November) of South America. We are happy to recommend it to anyone interested. Fly to Puerto Montt and we will explain the rest.

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